If you are adding a new dependent to coverage during open enrollment, you are required to provide dependent verification by December 1st..If you do not provide valid documentation prior to the deadline date, your dependent(s) may not be covered under Intact health coverage for the plan year.
If faxing the documentation, please complete and include this cover sheet with your dependent verification and submit to the Intact Benefits Service Center.

Ways to submit your documentation:

Online: intactusa.hrintouch.com
Mobile App: Benefit focus    
Company Code: intactusa
Fax: 866-742-6444
** Tip: You can take a picture of your documentation with your smart phone and upload it directly to My Document Center. **
Dependent Verification documentation must be received within 30 days from your date of hire or 35 days from the date of the life event.

Faxing your documents

* The below section should be completed only if you are required to fax documents to the Intact Benefits Service Center .*

Employee Name: SSN or Employee ID

Please list all covered dependents and indicate the documentation you are submitting.

List your Eligible Dependents

(First and Last Name)

Dependent Document

(1040, Birth Cert, Etc.)

Qualifying Life Event Document

(Marriage, New Coverage, Etc.)
Example:  John Smith Birth Certificate  
Signature:  Date: Phone Number:


In order to cover a child on your Intact health coverage, you must submit documentation that shows proof of relationship AND proof of age. Please refer to the table below for acceptable documentation: 

  Relationship Proof of Age
Birth Certificate (w/ parents name listed) X X
Adoption Certificate X  
Current Redacted Tax Return X  
Driver's License   X
Passport   X
School Document (showing age)   X


In order to cover a spouse on your Intact health coverage, you must submit documentation that shows proof of marriage AND shared address. Please refer to the table below for acceptable documentation:

  Proof of Marriage Proof of Same Address
Marriage Certificate X  
Driver's Licenses (w/ common address)   X
Joint Ownership of Property   X
Proof of Joint Bank/Credit Acct (statement)   X
Current Redacted Tax Return X  

Do not mail original documents as they will not be returned. Please black out social security numbers, account numbers and financial information if they appear on any of your documentation. When submitting tax returns, you only need to include the first page.


For questions on this process, please contact the Intact Benefits Service Center by emailing IntactUSABenefits@benefitfocus.com or calling 855.889.6524 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (known simply as the "Affordable Care Act") enacted a rule that prohibits group health plans from rescinding group health plan coverage.

Therefore, if you select a coverage tier other than Employee Only you will be required to complete the dependent verification process before any of your elections will be sent to BCBS or Delta Dental for medical and dental.

It is important you read the dependent audit process details and follow the instructions when making your benefit selections through Benefitfocus.