Intact offers a wide array of benefits to all US employees, but the level of benefits depends upon your regularly scheduled hours.

Regularly Scheduled Hours/Week Benefit Eligibility
All employees (excluding interns & co-ops) 401(k), Annual Employer Contributions Plan, Business Travel Accident, and Commuter
20 or greater All benefits

You also have the opportunity to enroll your eligible dependents. Dependents can be initially enrolled within 30 days of hire, annually during open enrollment, or within 30 days of a qualified change in family status.

The Intact Welfare plan defines eligible dependents as follows:

  • Spouse - Your legally married spouse. Legal spouses include common-law spouses in states that recognize common-law marriages. If you become divorced your ex-spouse is no longer eligible for coverage.
  • Child(ren) - Your children up to the age 26. Child means: natural child; step-child by legal marriage, adopted or for whom legal guardianship has been awarded.

Employees enrolling in medical coverage for a spouse will be required to pay an additional $40 biweekly if the spouse is eligible for full-time medical coverage through their own employer and chooses to enroll in the Intact medical plan.