The dental plan carrier is Delta Dental and Intact offers two dental plans, the Basic Dental and Enhanced Dental plan. Each plan has differing levels of coverage, so you can choose depending on your needs.

Within each Delta Dental plan there are two networks that can be utilized. The Delta Dental PPO network will give you the best possible discounts, but the Delta Dental Premier Network is the largest dentist network in the country. For more information about these options please see here.

Benefit Basic Dental Enhanced Dental
  In-network / Out-of-network In-network / Out-of-network
Annual Deductible (Individual / Family) $50 / $150 $25 / $75
Coinsurance for Preventive Services Plan pays 100% Plan pays 100%
Coinsurance for basic restorative services Plan pays 50% Plan pays 80%
Coinsurance for major restorative services Plan pays 50% Plan pays 50%
Annual Plan Maximum $1,500 $2,500
Orthodontia coinsurance N/A Plan pays 80%
Orthodontia lifetime maximum N/A $1,500