Intact believes that taking an active role in managing your health is key to securing quality medical care and controlling costs. That is why we have Teledoc Medical Experts, a service available to all regular (non-temporary) Intact employees - with all expenses for the program paid by Intact. Teledoc Medical Experts is also available for parents and parents-in-law.

Like a second opinion - only better - Teledoc Medical Experts provides you with answers from top-rated specialists who will analyze your case from every angle and deliver a personalized expert report. You can connect with a member of the Teledoc Medical Experts clinical team from the comfort of your home. They will listen to your concerns and handle the rest - even gather your medical records for you. After the review, you will receive a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report summarizing the Teledoc Medical Experts' findings that can be used with your primary doctor to take the right next steps.

Teledoc Medical Experts can help you make the right decisions about your treatment and improve the quality of care you receive. And, by getting you on the right path without wasting time, energy and money often associated with inappropriate or ineffective treatment plan. This is a confidential voluntary service available to all employees as well as spouses and children.

If you need to be seen by a physician, Teledoc Medical Experts can help. They will match you to a top-rated expert doctor based on your medical needs.

Call Teledoc Medical Experts today 800.835.2362. Teledoc Medical Experts is here to help.