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All employees who work at least 20 hours per week are eligible for short-term disability (STD). After satisfying your Elimination Period, benefits will be paid at 100% of Basic Weekly Earnings for up to three weeks and at 66.67% for up to 22 weeks for a total of 25 weeks of medically approved disability. STD benefits are paid directly by Intact according to the regular payroll schedule. After 25 weeks, you may transition to long-term disability (LTD). STD coverage is provided at no cost to you.

STD benefits begin on the eighth calendar day you are experiencing an illness or injury provided you are under the care of a licensed physician, receiving the appropriate available treatment and have provided Lincoln Financial with the necessary documentation. The illness or injury must occur and disability must begin while you are eligible for this coverage.

The first week of absence preceding STD benefits is covered by your PTO bank of time. You may borrow up the maximum accrual for the current calendar year to cover this period if PTO has not yet accrued. If PTO is not available, the time will be unpaid.

Additional Information

Intact provides disability benefits in accordance with the applicable disability laws in California, New York and New Jersey. Therefore, the company paid STD benefit will be reduced by any disability income received in accordance with these state plans.

Please note: Employees who work less than 20 hours are not eligible for Intact STD, but may be eligible for State Disability Benefits. If you are FMLA eligible, this protection runs concurrently with your STD benefit.

PTO only accrues during STD if you return to work. Therefore, if you do not return to employment after STD, or transition to LTD, PTO is treated as not having accrued during the STD period. Holidays that fall during your STD period are paid at the disability rate.

No pay increases are processed while an employee is on disability or leave of absence.

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