Business Travel Accident (BTA) insurance is provided to all employees free of charge. Intact provides business travel accident insurance to you automatically – you do not have to enroll in this coverage. The plan provides a benefit in the event that you are injured while traveling for business purposes.

The plan provides five times your salary up to a maximum of $1,750,000 to your beneficiary in the event of your death while traveling on business. Business travel accident insurance pays a percentage of the business travel accident coverage amount for an injury based on the type of loss incurred. This chart details the specific coverage amounts payable.

Intact Assistance Services—Included with Your Coverage

Whether traveling around the country or across the globe, we face a number of health risks that can challenge even the most experienced traveler. That's where the Intact travel assistance benefits can help. The Intact travel assistance services are included in both the voluntary AD&D plan and Business Travel Accident plan.

The travel assistance service provides a global network of experienced professionals to help deal with the uncertainty of what to do if you become sick or injured while traveling 100 miles or more from home. The comprehensive support network of global resources includes over 40,000 travel, medical and security providers to help manage medical, informational and personal services and ensure you have access to the best possible care anywhere in the world.