Intact's commuter program makes it easy for you to save money on your commuting costs. We offer a pretax commuter program which is administered by WageWorks. You will be able to access your commuter benefits, place orders and check your account simply by logging onto WageWorks.

If you take public transportation, ride in a vanpool or pay to park, this plan helps you use pretax dollars and save on your commuting costs! Your pretax payroll deductions will be taken automatically from your last paycheck of the month.

Commuter Limits

The IRS allows pretax contributions towards public transportation (bus, train, subway, ferry, etc.) and toward parking expenses. Annual limits can be found on the WageWorks website.

With WageWorks, you have the option to have your passes mailed directly to your home or be reimbursed for eligible commuting expenses. All employees are eligible to participate in the commuter program.


How to Enroll

To Enroll in the program, visit WageWorks at or call 877-WageWorks (877-924-3967) Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Click the "Log In/Register" Link on the homepage, and then select "Employee Registration". When asked for you ID Code in the self-identification process, please use the last four digits of you Social Security Number. Once you've completed your WageWorks profile, follow these steps to complete your enrollment:

1. From the Dashboard page, click on "Enroll in Commuter".

2. Step through the process to place your order.

3. An order confirmation email will be sent after the order is placed.

Commuter Flyer