Legal is everywhere.

Legal insurance isn’t just for the serious issues. It’s for your everyday needs, too. Some things are planned, like creating a will, and others are more unexpected – like fighting a traffic ticket or getting your deposit back from a difficult landlord. With legal insurance, network attorney fees are 100% paid-in-full for most covered matters. Enroll today to better navigate life’s legal challenges.

Why do you need legal insurance?

Life is full of unexpected situations that come with legal or financial challenges. Legal insurance through ARAG helps you plan for the future while protecting you against the unpredictable. When you need legal help:

Receive 100% paid-in-full coverage on network attorney fees for most covered legal matters.

Save hundreds of dollars, on average, per hour on attorney fees.

Access a nationwide network of thousands of attorneys who average 20 years of experience.

Rely on a network attorney near you who can address your legal situation by providing advice, document preparation or review and representation if needed.

Use DIY Docs® to create a variety of legally valid documents, including state-specific templates.

Visit the online Learning Center to view articles, guidebooks and videos that cover timely legal and financial topics.

Legal Insurance gives you a place to turn for help with addressing a wide range of legal matters, such as buying a home or creating a will, as well as unexpected issues, like a dispute with a home contractor or a sudden illness.

If you elect coverage, you'll receive legal advice and representation that is 100% paid-in-full for most covered legal matters when you work with an ARAG network attorney.

You must enroll within 30 days of hire or during the annual Open Enrollment period.

Some legal services covered under the ARAG plan include:

  • Will writing
  • Powers of attorney
  • Legal name change
  • Consumer protection/debt collection
  • Traffic violations
  • Real estate issues
  • Identity theft protection
  • Audit protection

Under the plan you will have access to:

  • Identity theft services
  • Immigration assistance
  • Reduced fee legal services
  • Online tools and resources