The Intact USA Retirement Savings Plan offers tax advantages, savings incentives and investment options to help you achieve your financial goals.

Eligibility, Enrollment and Employee Contributions

Employees are immediately eligible for participation on their first day of employment. Employees may elect to contribute on a pretax, after-tax or Roth basis up to 40% of salary. Employees age 50 or older are also eligible for pre-tax and Roth catch-up contributions (IRS limits apply to maximum contribution amounts). New hires who do not enroll after 60 days are automatically enrolled in pretax contributions at 6% of pay, with an automatic 1% increase each April. The default for their investments is the age appropriate Target Retirement Fund.

Bi-Weekly Company Match Contributions

Employees who are eligible for the Plan receive a bi-weekly company match contribution of 100% on up to 3% of your pre-tax or Roth contributions. Investment of these contributions will follow the investment elections that you have on file for your own Plan contributions.  If you do not have an investment election on file, these contributions will be invested in the age-appropriate Target Retirement Trust fund, which is the default fund for our Plan. 

Your Contributions

For 2022, the maximum annual contribution that the IRS permits to your 401(k) account is $20,500 on a pre-tax (or Roth) basis.

Additionally, if you are 50 or over in 2022, you may defer an additional $6,500 pre-tax (or Roth) during 2022, under the IRS "catch-up" provision, for a total combined pre-tax and Roth contribution amount of $27,000. You must make a separate deferral election for catch-up contributions.

Investment Options

A wide variety of investment options are available in the Plan, allowing for broad diversification of your retirement assets.


Employees become 100% vested after three years of employment.


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