Vanguard offers many ways to help you build the savings you'll need for a comfortable retirement.

Investor Questionnaire Results, based on your answers, suggest an asset allocation mix based on your goal, time horizon, risk tolerance and investment experience.
Target Retirement Funds A simple approach to diversification. Each fund is a portfolio in itself, so choose the date-specific fund that’s closest to the year you expect to retire and the fund will automatically decrease in risk as your approach retirement.
OneStep Through the OneStep program you can automatically increase your pre-tax payroll savings contribution by whatever percentage you elect and on the date your prefer each year. It’s a simple and convenient way to remember to increase your retirement savings!
Personal Online Advisor, powered by Financial Engines This free online program provides an unbiased evaluation of your chances of reaching your financial goals, and investment advice specific to your personal investments.
Vanguard Financial Planning Services A Vanguard financial planner develops a customized financial plan for all your household assets with specific investment recommendations for your goals. This service is available free of charge to plan participants age 55 or older.
Vanguard Managed Account Program, powered by Financial Engines A team of investment advisors select the best mix of funds for you from funds available in the Plan. There is a fee associated with this program.