Our Paid Time Off (PTO) program provides employees the freedom to choose how they want to use their time for vacation, sick leave, personal time off and religious observance.

All regular, full and part-time non-exempt employees who work 20 hours or more per week are eligible for Paid Time Off. All new hires receive 16 Paid Time Off days in their first year, prorated from their employment date. Exempt employees participate in Self-Managed Time Off.

The Paid Time Off program offers a competitive allotment based on length of service.

PTO Plan
Calendar Year of Employment PTO Days
<1 16
2 17
3 18
4 19
5 20
6 21
7 22
8 23
9 24
10 25
11+ 26

PTO Accrual: There is no maximum accrual. Therefore, PTO accruals will continue regardless of the employees current PTO balance.

PTO Carryover: The maximum time allowed to be carried to the next year is 80 hours or 10 days of PTO.

STD Bank: The Short Term Disability (STD) Bank was established primarily as a vehicle to ensure employees with large PTO balances that the max carryover policy could transfer forfeited time to the STD Bank. That banked time would then be used to augment their STD payments in the event of a disability. Effective 1/1/09 balance transfers were no longer allowed to carryover to the STD Bank.

California Employees: Please review the PTO policy on the Intact Portal Human Resources/HRSC for California State Law provisions and differences from the standard Intact policy.

Unpaid Time Off (UPTO)

Employees are allowed to take unpaid time off with their manager's approval. Unpaid time off is reflected in the pay check in which the time is recorded.